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Via the Minnesota Department of Revenue, Board of Appeal and Equalization Training is live and available for all voting local and county board members and other interested users to access.

Attendance Rosters

The trained member rosters have been updated. You can find those rosters on the Minnesota Department of Revenue website. It is important to check those rosters on a monthly basis to verify whether a board has at least one trained member who is a voting member.

  • Note some browsers will save the last version of the rosters you viewed. You may need to clear your history or cache within the browser to see the most recent version.

How do I access the course?

Registration, usernames, and passwords are no longer required. Visit our Board of Appeal and Equalization Training website and follow the instructions.

Voting members of the local or county board must certify to the department that they have taken the training. Instructions to complete this reporting are provided at the end of the course. Be sure to review the information before you close out of the course.

  • Note: If you close out of the course before certifying your completion, you will need to retake the course. This new format does not save your progress so you must complete it, or you’ll need to start over.

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?

  • Email the Minnesota Department of Revenue with any questions at: proptax.bae@state.mn.us
  • You can also reach the Minnesota Department of Revenue at 651-556-6922. Please leave a detailed message and they will call you back as soon as they can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to take the training and certify with the Department of Revenue?

  • Minnesota statute requires that at least one voting local or county board member successfully complete the training once every four years. However, the Department of Revenue highly encourages all voting board members to take the training.
  • Boards must have a trained member by February 1, 2025 to hold their local and/or county board of appeal and equalization meeting in 2025.

How long will the training be available?

  • The training will be available throughout the year and can be taken at any time. However, to qualify for the 2025 board year, state statute requires the training be completed by February 1 in the year the member will hear appeals.
  • The Department of Revenue recommends board members take the training sooner rather than later.

Can I take the training even if our board already has a trained member?

  • Yes! We recommend that local and county boards have more than one trained member.

Can I take the training again, even if my previous training hasn’t expired?

  • Yes! You can take the training as often as you like and we recommend reviewing the course handbook or taking the training again as a refresher before the board meets.

What if I took the training using the old system, can I still access my certificate?

Yes, your ELM account will not change, and board members who took the training in the past will still be able to login and download their certificate of completion.