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Form CR-4d(2) Instructions

Who is Eligible?

An owner occupied unit located in a Community Land Trust is eligible for the 4d(2) classification. The owner must initially submit a homestead application to the assessor and be granted homestead. The Community Land Trust must use this form to certify to the assessor by December 31 of each assessment year that the owner remains a member in good standing and the community land trust continues to own the real property where the qualifying unit is located.

What is the benefit?

Property that qualifies for the 4d(2) classification will receive a class rate of 0.75 percent.

How to Apply

Complete the entire application fully and legibly. Mail or return the application to your County Assessor by December 31. Certifications are for the current assessment year, taxes payable the following year.


Making false statements on this application is against the law. Minnesota Statute 609.41 states that anyone giving false information to avoid or reduce their tax obligations is subject to a fine of up to $3,000 and/or up to one year in prison.

Use of Information

The information on this form is required by Minnesota Statutes, section 273.13 to determine if the owner of the homestead unit qualifies for this property tax classification. If you do not provide the required information, all owners on the form may lose the benefit of the 4d(2) classification. Your County Assessor may also ask for additional verification of qualifications.


Contact your County Assessor’s Office for assistance.

Last updated by the Pope County Assessor’s office February 28, 2024