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Rural Preserve Property Tax Program Application CR-RP

Provides property tax relief to taxpayers who own class 2b rural vacant land which was enrolled in the Green Acres program for the 2007 assessment year (for taxes payable in 2008) or that is contiguous to agricultural homestead land that is enrolled in Green Acres. (M.S. 273.114) Please read instructions before completing. The application deadline is May 1 for taxes payable the following year.

Before You Can Apply

Before you complete or submit this form the following statements must be true:
Max. file size: 256 MB.
Attach the required most recent available aerial photograph by the Farm Service Agency of the USDA or the County GIS service clearly outlining the land you wish to enroll.

Landowner Information

This section to be completed by all applicants. Please fill out the following information for the owner or authorized representative of the entity that owns the property.
Property is Owned By
Mailing Address

To qualify for Rural Preserve, at least one of the following must apply:

1. The property you are enrolling was property enrolled in Green Acres for taxes payable in 2008 under your ownership and is contiguous to class 2a agricultural land currently enrolled in Green Acres.
2. The property you are enrolling is part of an agricultural homestead and contiguous to class 2a agricultural land that is currently enrolled in Green Acres.

Parcel Information

Provide the following information for each parcel of land you wish to enroll. (If you fail to provide the required information, including number of eligible acres for each parcel, your application will be delayed or denied.

If you have additional parcels, select the plus sign in each column below to add the data for those parcels.

Parcel ID
Number of Acres to be Enrolled

Sign Here

By signing below, I certify that this form is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge, I am an owner of the property or an authorized member, partner, or shareholder of the entity that owns the property for which Rural Preserve is being claimed, and I understand the consequences that will result if I terminate my enrollment, or no longer qualify for enrollment in the Rural Preserve Program which are explained in the instructions for this form.
MM slash DD slash YYYY

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