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Services and Responsibilities

The County Auditor-Treasurer is one of four County officials to be elected by Pope County voters every four years. The Auditor and Treasurers’ offices were combined in January 1994. Although this office is combined, some duties still remain specific to the individual departments. The Data Processing Department is integrated into this office with responsibility for the coordination/operation of the AS400 computer. Minnesota Statutes govern the duties of the Auditor-Treasurer’s office.

Financial Officer

The Auditor-Treasurer’s financial responsibilities include a complete accounting of monies collected and disbursed by all county departments – including payroll and tax settlements to all taxing districts. Prepares monthly reports and prepares and publishes the financial statement and related documents and reports after the State Auditor’s Office audits Pope County annually. Assists County Coordinator with county budgets.

Audit Reports

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Property Tax Administration

Coordinates information from various taxing districts to prepare truth-in-taxation notices. Prepares and finalizes tax levy for distribution of tax settlements to local units of government. Prepares and distributes over 13,500 real estate and mobile home property tax statements annually. Collects, records and manages an excess of $14,000,000 in taxes. Manages delinquent taxes through forfeiture process.

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Elections and Voter Registration

Conducts Federal, State, County primary, general and special elections. Maintains voter registration cards utilizing the State registration system. Trains election judges. Prepares election ballots. Election results are received and reported through the state reporting system. Conducts post election canvas. Prepares Abstract of Votes cast for Secretary of State.

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Issues auctioneer, beer, and liquor licenses.

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Investment Officer

The County Treasurer is responsible for investing money according to County cash flow needs. Analyzes and compares securities and investment bids so daily deposits, transfers and disbursements allow for prudent investment of County funds. Ensures appropriate collateral is pledged to investments.

Record Keeper

The Treasurer maintains and updates taxpayer addresses and files. Legal documents are processed relating to transfer of property and special assessments are maintained. Bank Statements are reconciled. Tax Settlement is calculated and distributed to the appropriate entities. Monthly Trial Balances are prepared and reconciled with computerized Trial Balance.


The Auditor-Treasurer’s office now serves as the Passport Acceptance Agent. The Recorder’s office does passport photos. A certified birth certificate is also required for a passport and can be issued by the Recorder’s office for births occurring in the State of Minnesota.

Passport Requirements

ACH Real Estate Tax Payment Form

Please download, complete and return the ACH Real Estate Tax Payment Form (PDF) to have your property tax payment automatically deducted from your checking or savings account at your financial institution on a semi-annual basis.

Stephanie Rust

Stephanie Rust, Pope County Auditor-Treasurer