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Board of Commissioner FAQ

How do I contact my Pope County Commissioner?

If you are a resident of Pope County, you are represented by one of the five elected Commissioners, one for each commission district in the County. Please visit the County Board of Commissioners page on this site to see a list of all Commissioners and who represents your district. Contact information can be found there as well for all Commissioners.

When does the Pope County Board of Commissioners meet?

In Pope County, the Board of County Commissioners generally meets in regular session on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 9:00am, at the Board Room on the third floor of the historic Courthouse at 130 Minnesota Ave. East, Glenwood, Minnesota. The Board also generally holds a Committee of the Whole work session each second Tuesday of the month at the same time and location.

How do I contact the County with a question, compliment, or concern?

You can find contact information for the County Commissioners on this page or in the contact section for this department. You can also direct your inquiry to the County Administrator’s Office.  If the reason for your inquiry is related to another County department’s or office’s duties or activities, and you have not yet raised it with that department or office, you may find contact information for each in the County directory here.

Where are Pope County's offices and departments located?

Most County departments and offices are located at the historic Courthouse, at 130 Minnesota Ave. East, Glenwood, Minnesota. The major exceptions are that the Human Services Department (Western Prairie Human Services) at 211 Minnesota Ave. East in Glenwood, the local office of Horizon Public Health at 10 1st St. Northeast in Glenwood, and the Highway Department at 16139 State Hwy 29 in Glenwood. You may click each address on their agency or office pages for mapping to each location or visit our GIS section for maps to these locations.

When are Pope County's offices and departments open each week?

Generally, County hours are Monday through Friday each week from 8:00am to 4:30pm. These normal hours may vary at times based on seasonal or holiday schedules, scheduling conflicts, or if there is a severe weather event or other emergency that warrants closure. You can see a list of the holiday closures on the main Frequency Asked Questions page.

I don't see information on the Pope County site itself on departments normally found in county government, such as HUMAN SERVICES, Public Health, Solid Waste, Public Transportation, etc. Why?

Pope County has been fortunate to be able to partner with surrounding counties on many of these functions either by contract or by the formation of what’s called a “Joint Powers” organization.  Our County Commissioners often serve as Board members or committee appointees for these various groups. Western Prairie Human Services, Horizon Public HealthPope/Douglas Solid Waste, and Rainbow Rider are just a few of these examples. Click the links to those agencies in this section to visit these sites, and to visit other critical County partnerships, look under “Resources” on our main County page.