Board of Commissioners

The Pope County Commissioners are the County’s key policymakers, overseeing the operation and administration of the County. The Commissioners are the elected officials of Pope County’s legislative branch, the County Board of Commissioners, serving in a similar role as a city council member or a state representative or senator. These Commissioners are responsible for overseeing the County’s management and administration, representing County interests at the state and federal level, participating in long-range planning, and managing the County budget and finances.

Similar to other legislative bodies, the members of the Pope County Board of Commissioners are elected by specific geographic districts in the County. Pope County has five Commissioners and therefore five districts. Your Commissioner is responsible for representing the interests of your community during regular meetings of the County Board and at state and federal events.

State law defines the roles and responsibilities of Commissioners including what Commissioners can regulate through ordinances and resolutions. Commissioners develop and adopt County Ordinances and Resolutions on a wide variety of topics such as public safety, health, roads and highways, and zoning and land use.

Board of Commissioners Contact Information

District 1, Paul Gremmels

District 2, Gordon Wagner

District 3, Paul Gerde

District 4, Larry Lindor

District 5, Paul Wildman