Highway / Engineering

Services and Responsibilities

The Highway Department is responsible for maintenance & construction on all county streets & highways.

The Department currently has 18 employees responsible for 370 miles of roadways and 64 bridges.

Some specific duties within the Department include the following:

  • Planning, designing, constructing and inspecting all road and bridge projects.
  • Preparation of a 5-year plan outlining proposed road and bridge projects.
  • Acquisition of necessary easements and Right of Way.
  • Administration of construction contracts and maintenance projects.
  • Annual safety Inspections of all bridges including township & city bridge.
  • Providing County road maintenance, including ice and snow removal, on 240 miles of bituminous roads and 130 miles of gravel roads.
  • Mowing and maintenance of county road ditches.
  • Repairing and maintaining County vehicles and related equipment.
  • Develop and maintain a bike/walking trail system for Pope County.