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Drainage / Public Ditches


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The first public ditches in Pope County were established in the very early 1900’s to benefit the public.  A Petition for Public Ditch was brought forward for each ditch by the public.  This began an administrative process which ended with an Order Establishing Public Ditch.  There are 18 public ditches within Pope County.

Some duties include:

  • Inspects drainage ditches for damage, overgrowth, blockage or other problems.
  • Coordinates repairs, preventative maintenance and related procedural requirements with contractors, engineers, attorneys and county staff.
  • Conducts public hearings and meetings to identify potential issues and solutions.
  • Recommends ditch assessments to County Board(Drainage Authority) and County Auditor to ensure sufficient funds are attained for repairs and drainage related matters.
  • Work with related agencies to ensure the best and most efficient services possible.