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E-Recording Commission

The Electronic Real Estate Recording Commission was established by the Legislature in 2008 to adopt standards to implement electronic recording of land records. These standards will allow Minnesota counties to implement electronic filing of real estate documents. Submitters would have the option of sending documents electronically to the county, resulting in a more secure transfer and faster turn-around than the current paper process. Taking advantage of this technology can save you time and money.

E-Recording Counties

Pope County is an e-recording county. See this list for additional counties that can accept E-Recordings.

E-Recording Trusted Submitters

A Trusted Submitter is a private party that is used to submit electronic documents to Minnesota counties that can accept electronic recordings (the E-Recording Counties). Trusted Submitters and the E-Recording Counties must follow the Minnesota standards for recording real estate documents electronically. The counties have established a working relationship with Trusted Submitters.

See below for a list of Trusted Submitters.

Trusted Submitters (PDF)

To find out how you can start E-Recording please contact Pope County Recorder’s Office at 320.634.7840.