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Ag/Weed Inspection

Our Pope County Ag Inspector ensures that all laws and rules dealing with noxious weeds are carried out within Pope County. Other duties include participation in control programs for seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and insect pests.  As part of the pesticide program, Pope County administers testing for the Minnesota Pesticide Applicator Certification Exam. If you have questions regarding this testing, please contact our Ag Inspector at 320-634-7793.

Pope County’s Ag Inspector and the Pope Soil and Water Conservation District are part of the Pope and Swift Cooperative Weed Management Area which have been working together over the past 11 years to combat invasive species throughout the county.

An invasive plant or weed is defined as a plant that is not native and has negative effects on our economy, environment, or human health. Not all plants introduced from other places are harmful. The term “invasive” is reserved for the most aggressive plant species that grow and reproduce rapidly, causing major changes to the areas where they become established.


What Can you Do?

  • Learn how to identify the invasive plants that are in your area
  • Make sure that seeds are not stuck to your clothes or gear
  • Do not camp or travel through areas infested with invasive plants, if they can be avoided
  • Clean mud or dirt off your vehicle, pets, and even your hiking boots before going onto public lands
  • Drive on established roads and ride or hike on designated trails
  • Don’t plant invasive species on your land
  • Volunteer to help inventory or control invasive plants