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Feedlot FAQ

What is a feedlot?
  • A feedlot is any facility where livestock are kept in confinement where there is no sustained vegetation growth, including barns, sheds and open lots.
  • Feedlot rules apply to all types of livestock operations including but not limited to:
    • Cattle feeding operations
    • Dairy farms
    • Poultry barns
    • Hog facilities
Do I need to register my feedlot?
  • Facilities with more than 50 animal units or more than 10 animal units if located in shoreland are required to maintain a registration with the County Feedlot Officer.
  • If you own any number of livestock and do not have your operation registered, please contact the County Feedlot Officer in our office to discuss the requirements and benefits of registration.
Do I need a feedlot permit?
  • A feedlot permit is required for the following:
    • Construction of a new livestock operation
    • Expansion of an existing livestock operation
    • Remediation of a pollution hazard on an existing livestock operation