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Permits & Forms

In Pope County, a permit is required for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Erecting, altering (including additions), or relocating any structure
  • Rebuilding damaged structures
  • Installation or alteration of subsurface sewage treatment systems
  • Land alterations within shoreland zoning districts as indicated on the Official Zoning Map
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Vacation Home Rentals (VHR)
  • Recreational camping vehicles (RVs)
  • Etc. (please see the Land Use Controls Ordinance  for a full list of permitted uses)

A Conditional or Interim Use may be permitted within a zoning district only when allowed by the County Board of Commissioners or their legally designated agent after public hearing, provided certain conditions are met which eliminate or minimize the incompatibility with other permitted uses of the district. For a list of conditional or interim uses please see the Land Use Controls Ordinance.

**Plan ahead and obtain your permit long before the actual day you want to begin work, as this will help avoid any unnecessary delays.**

A variance may be applied for if a modification or variation of the provisions of the Land Use Controls Ordinance is requested.

Permits within the city limits of Glenwood, Long Beach, Starbuck, Villard, Westport, Lowry, Farwell, Cyrus and Sedan may be obtained from the corresponding city clerk.  Contact the Department to determine which local jurisdiction you must contact.



Forms & Guidance