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Military Discharges

When an individual separates from military service, they receive a DD 214 (military separation form). The military service organizations strongly suggest recording the form to ensure easy availability of a certified copy of this document if the original were to become lost or destroyed. Upon recording of the Discharge Paper, the Recorder’s Office will furnish free certified copies to the veteran. To receive a copy, contact the local Veteran Service office to request a copy.

As a courtesy to military personnel, the Recorder’s Office does not charge for the recording of the DD 214 forms. If you have lost or misplaced your military separation form and need a certified copy, and you did not record your DD 214 form in our office, you need to contact your local branch of the Veteran’s Administration for assistance. The Recorder’s Office only has records of DD 214 forms that have been submitted to us for recording by the Veterans themselves.

Pursuant to current statutes, any military discharge papers recorded in this office are restricted records and not available to the general public.