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Property Fraud Alert

Property Fraud occurs when someone records a fraudulent document in the county land records office, making it look like they own your home or real property.

PROPERTY FRAUD ALERT is a notification services that alerts subscribers against the possibilities of fraudulent activity being committed against their real property.

We are very excited to offer the citizens of Pope County this service free of charge. This alert system will provide an early warning for subscribers to become aware of what may have otherwise gone undetected. Subscribers will be able to take prompt, appropriate action if they determine the activity to be fraudulent.

SIGN UP FOR FREE by visiting www.propertyfraudalert.com! 



Some companies have sent mailings to Minnesota Homeowners that may initially look like a bill from a government agency. The mailings may attempt to get homeowners to pay upwards of $90 in some cases for a copy of their real estate deed or property profile. View information regarding real estate deed solicitation scams.