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Rural Addressing


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3Rural Addressing coordinates the assignment of new addresses and performs maintenance on the E-911 systems. Assignment and naming of new roads to the county mapping system.

Rural Addressing Request Form (PDF)

Rural Addressing Ordinance (PDF)

Assignment of new address

  • Driveway must be installed prior to address assignment
  • Parcel number must have been assigned to the property
  • Fee of $147.00 must be paid
  • E911 Address Request Form must be completed and returned to the E911 Address Coordinator

Note: Processing time to assign an address is normally 7 to 10 business days.

Once the address is assigned, the owner of the property will be notified and the county will install a rural addressing sign at the driveway of the property. Signs are not to be moved from the placement location.

Replacement Signs

Note: For Replacement Signs, contact Pope County Highway Department at 320-634-7745

Damaged signs are the responsibility of the property owner and must be replaced and will be assessed a replacement fee.

  • Replacement Pole (by owner) – $18.00
  • Replacement Address Flag (by owner) – $23.00
  • Replacement Numbers (by owner) – $22.00
  • Total Replacement by County – $147.00

Requirements for assignment of new road or subdivision

  • Plat must be approved – for more information contact Land & Resource Management
  • A fee of $128 must be paid at time of plat approval for the mapping of new roads
  • A fee of $630 must be placed in an escrow account for cost of road sign(s) per road/intersection
  • Road(s) must be graded and drivable

Note: Any road or driveway, whether public or private, that will have three or more residents or addresses assigned to it, are required to be assigned road names for addressing purposes. If any residents are currently using that road as a driveway, their address will need to be reassigned off the newly named road and payment for the new address(s) assigned must be paid.

Property located in City Limits

If your property is located in city limits, contact the city office of the city you reside in to have an address assigned. This office only assigns rural addresses located outside city limits.