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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, on October 3, 2023, Ordinance No. 2023-01, an Emergency Interim Ordinance Prohibiting the Establishment of New Uses or the Expansion of Existing Uses Related to Sales, Testing, Manufacturing and Distribution of Cannabis Products, was adopted by the Pope County Board of Commissioners.

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that, pursuant to Minn. Stat. §§ 331A.01 and 375.51, a summary of Ordinance No. 2013-01 is provided as follows:

Ordinance No. 2023-01 is an emergency interim ordinance prohibiting the establishment of new uses or the expansion of existing uses related to sales, testing, manufacturing and distribution of cannabis products in Pope County. The ordinance authorizes and directs a staff study and development of recommendations on regulatory issues related to the subject of the ordinance; places a moratorium on new uses or expanded existing uses related to cannabis products in the County and prohibits issuance of related licenses; provides means of criminal and civil enforcement of the ordinance; declares the ordinance’s provisions severable; and establishes an effective start date upon approval with certain exceptions and an end date in accordance with law.

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that copies of the ordinance are available for public inspection on the County’s public website at www.popecountymn.gov, in the office of the Pope County Auditor-Treasurer during normal business hours, or upon request by calling 320-634-7706.

APPROVED and ADOPTED by the Board of Commissioners of Pope County, Minnesota on October 3, 2023.

A copy of the adopted ordinance can be viewed here.